Turnaround advice

Turnaround can take an objective and fresh look at your business, before working with you to determine the key issues and put in place a 100 day turnaround advice plan to move the business forward.

We appreciate that every business is different and may require unique solutions, however, the way we work remains consistent. Turnaround Solutions will always work closely with your management to develop a realistic and achievable business turn around plan.

  • STEP ONE – stabilise and limit damage
  • STEP TWO – discover the underlying issues
  • STEP THREE – identify realistic options
  • STEP FOUR – commit to a strategy
  • STEP FIVE – implement and provide ongoing support

We know that time is of the essence and always aim to open discussions immediately. We provide a free initial meeting during which we will make an preliminary assessment and provide honest feedback on your situation.

If you’re happy to move forward we would ask to meet with management as soon as possible and provide 24 hours of meeting management. From here, we will undertake high-level analysis, determine the key issues and agree with you a 100 day plan for moving the business forward.

With Turnaround Solutions our support is on-going and we will work closely with your management team on delivering the tangible outcomes, covering areas such as;

  • Reviewing products and markets to assess the real contribution made by each of these
  • Aligning costs with revenues and making appropriate cost reductions
  • Rationalising operations and facilities to improve efficiency and release cash
  • Disposal of under-performing and non-core businesses
  • Strategic acquisitions to strengthen core activities
  • Identifying skills and resource gaps in the management team
  • Reviewing financing and working capital arrangements to improve terms
  • Obtaining specialist advice where needed