Business Grant Application

Do you need to assistance with a business grant application to support your growth?

Turnaround Solutions have over 2o years experience of UK and European grant bids for projects in the UK and European expenditure resident countries. Grants are available for a range of projects including:

  • Business start up
  • Web design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Business premises & site relocations
  • Production equipment
  • Training & Recruitment

Business grants are available for both new start ups and established businesses to develop projects and support value added schemes. European support is similar to that available in the UK but can also be tax reduction based and at higher levels in deprived areas. Certain Polish and Czech grants are still at the 70% level.

A well developed proposal for funding supported by comprehensive financial information can greatly increase your chances for success in a business grant application. Our experts have a track record which means they have the experience which can make all the difference.

Turnaround Solutions can assist with business grants pre application planning and, if required, the whole application and draw down process.

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