Business stabilisation

Business Stabilisation.

Providing calm and impartial business advice following a crisis or unexpected event. We can help stabilise your situation and offer practical solutions to get your company back on track.

Corporate rescues often follow some form of crisis within the business. Occasionally this is caused by an unexpected external event, but usually it is a result of a spiral of decline that has got out of control. Whatever the cause, your management team will understandably be unfamiliar with the situation and feel stressed, frustrated and de-motivated, which in turn will affect decision making.

Before any business turnaround or financial restructuring is possible you may require business stabilisation. With our experience of these types of situations, we can bring a calm and impartial view to the problem and provide cost effective and practical solutions on the way to move forward.

We can help create the breathing space needed to start the turnaround process by;

  • Understanding the underlying reasons for the crisis and taking measures to alleviate its impact
  • Intensely managing cash in order to generate liquidity in the short term
  • Address any VAT/HMRC issues and understand cashflow
  • Consider any raising finance options
  • Rebuilding stakeholder confidence and managing their needs

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