Financial restructuring

When financial restructuring is needed, we’re here to offer the best financial advice for your situation and to help support your business through the entire restructuring process.

Whether a business is profitable or not, it’s reasonable to assume that its fortunes can be turned around. But if it is actually or potentially insolvent, a financial restructuring may be the best option.

Financial restructuring can involve converting existing debt to equity and preference share to ordinary shares, debt subordination or compromise, raising new money or selling any existing debt or equity to new owners who are more supportive.

Assisted by our professional advisors, the key steps that need to be addressed are;

  • Analysis of the business and its prospects
  • Review of the restructuring options available
  • Development of the restructuring plan for your business
  • Development of a negotiation strategy for obtaining the agreement of each stakeholder group
  • Review of any operational turnaround plan to be implemented once the financial restructuring is complete
  • Analysis of the likely recovery for each stakeholder class in the event of liquidation
  • Identification of any new money needed and how to raise it

Turnaround Solutions will act as financial advisors for the company or other stakeholder groups, managing the whole process and providing any support required. Call now to arrange your free, half day consultation with our team of experts.